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We’re on a mission to define the next era for Abu Dhabi’s Supply Chain

Our Driving Forces

ATLP Commitment


We are committed to improving border procedures, reducing trade costs, boosting flows, and ensuring international trade results in greater benefits.

ATLP Innovation


Innovation is at the core of what we do, it fuels our commitment to producing excellent work and our contribution towards the improvement of the logistics network.

ATLP Efficiency


Efficiency helps us prioritize areas requiring action, mobilize technical assistance and organize capacity-building efforts in a more targeted way.

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Towards a Single Window Nation


The Beginning

His Highness Shaikh Hazza Bin Zayed inaugurated the Maqta Port Community System project, making way for the optimization, unification and implementation of all Seaside processes in Khalifa Port.


Sea Trade in Abu Dhabi

The project quickly proved successful and expanded its services to all commercial Abu Dhabi ports. Maqta Gateway was then officially established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Ports.


Leading the Region

Maqta Gateway became the first in the Middle East to achieve PCS-to-PCS integration by deploying the region’s first blockchain solution (SILSAL) while also launching KIZAD Industrial Zones and COSCO terminal services to ease information flow.


Expanding Services

Working toward customer convenience and facilitating business operations, Maqta Gateway launched sea freight declaration services in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Customs, an innovative digital marketplace for logistics (MARGO) and ZonesCorp Industrial Zones Services.


ATLP Mandate

His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan inaugurated the Single Window of Trade and Logistics project based on the mandate by the Executive Council to move forward with development under the supervision of the Department of Economic Development.


Moving Forward

ATLP will be collaborating with Etihad, ADAC, Abu Dhabi Customs, ADDA and Manafth to introduce innovative air freight and land transportation services. Further integrations to facilitate trade and logistics services will be developed in collaboration with over 30 UAE stakeholders.

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