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Alrezeq Metals Trading L.L.C

Abu Dhabi


ALREZEQ METALS TRADING L.L.C, is an International Scrap Trading Company based in Abu Dhabi (U.A.E). The company was branched out in 2019 from the mother company SIDQI MOHD METAL SCRAP TRADING which operated in Sharjah from 2004-2019. Founded on the principles of quality, honesty, integrity and versatility, ALREZEQ METALS TRADING L.L.C has grown to be one of the most trusted names in U.A.E. for supplying a wide range of metal scrap and spare parts. ALREZEQ METALS TRADING L.L.C is an International Scrap Trading Company located in Abu Dhabi (U.A.E). ALREZEQ METALS TRADING L.L.C has been one of the rapidly growing companies engaged in supplying of wide range of metal scrap. We have created a niche in the trading industry within years of our establishment and have met client expectations in terms of premium grade of metal scrap. Recycled metals provided by us are often a more cost-effective and in some cases, better alternative to raw metals. � Ferrous Metal Scrap � Non-ferrous Metal Scrap � Spare parts for onshore and offshore oil and gas fields and facilities services � Dismantling power and water desalination plants

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